Hell Lava - C# Edition
per licence
Unity Editor Extension
Hell Lava is a Unity package, containing lava terrain environment that brings to your game new standard of gameplay. Supplied by us, Hell Lava provides the ability to generate, configure, and customize your own unique lava environment.
Mesh surface generator, that will fit to terrain
Lava lighting system
Full interaction with objects (splash, sounds effects, health damage, displacement)
UI effect for player when in lava
Lava ambient system
Lava environment items (projectiles, lava falls, sparkles)
Heat distortion effect in the form of a blurred image
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Cutscene planner
per licence
Unity Editor Extension
Cutscene planner is simple and easy to use editor extension, that allows to project and implement real time cutscenes. With that extension any developer can create very own event scene with no time and effort .
Created from the scraps, a simple and intuitive editor based on the time line
Configurable clip scenes
Scenes support for concept arts images and descriptions
Additional timeline labels for more control and arrangement
Editable cutscene background sound
Event system that allows to control cutscene actions
Fully integrated with Unity Editor and Game Engine
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Neural Network NPC AI
Tool under development
Game developers tool
Neural Network NPC AI is a tool that lets you breathe awareness into the characters of independent RPG games. NPC will choose the suitable job, will run away when he is attacked or will fightback, if he thinks he can win.
Implementation of advanced decision-making algorithms, based on neural networks
Easy-use of decisions functions
Online training with two modes
Provided example RPG game as test environment
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