Hell Lava

Hell Lava is a Unity package, containing lava terrain environment that brings to your game new standard of gameplay. Supplied by us, Hell Lava provides the ability to automatic generate, configure, and customize your own unique lava environment.


  •  ➢ Mesh surface generator, that will fit to terrain
  •  ➢ Lava lighting system
  •  ➢ Full interaction with objects (splash, sounds effects, health damage, displacement)
  •  ➢ UI effect for player when in lava
  •  ➢ Lava ambient system
  •  ➢ Lava environment items (projectiles, lava falls, sparkles)
  •  ➢ Heat distortion effect
  •  ➢ 3 visual sets
  •  ➢ Additional tools

We also provide complete documentation and an example scene that will help you integrate Hell Lava with your game project.


Hell Lava

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Our assets can only be acquired through Unity Asset Store and always meets Unity quality policy.
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